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Monocle Magazine

Monocle is a global briefing covering international affairs, business, culture and design.

Monocle’s May issue is the Design Special: if you’re planning a residence revamp, there's plenty of tips on the best products, projects and plans to inspire. Monocle head to Monterrey to find out why this Mexican city is attracting a crew of creatives, visit the residents of a magnificent modernist tower in São Paulo and sit down at a Spanish school where design lessons can be learnt even after the bell rings. In the property survey, it charts the very best residential developments from Australia to America and wonder at the LA-based player who may have cracked a formula for co-living. There’s plenty of reportage too: spending time with Spain’s Guardia Civil to find out what role the country’s oldest police force plays today, meet the activists preparing Russia for a future after Putin and end the issue in Tbilisi, where the architectural community is trying to preserve the brutalist buildings of the city’s Soviet past. Get your copy and read on.