Harken, Vancouver

Harken was born out of the idea that there was something missing in coffee. A sense of elegance. Romance. But more than anything else, thoughtful experiences. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Harken believe that coffee can be progressive and forward thinking while still approachable and devoid of any pretence. That you can respect the past while still learning from it and improve. Harken take inspiration from mindful design, from craftsmanship, attention to detail and the object speaking for itself. Not just how things taste, but how they feel.

They stand for coffee that is grown with care by farmers who are supported both financially and creatively. That uses science as a tool while still being a craft. That can be avant garde without being daunting. Informed by design, Harken strive to create memories, both when you brew our coffee in your home and when you are in our shop. They don’t use tasting notes on their packaging because they aren’t selling you flavours, more of an experience. This is specialty coffee for the connoisseur and beginner alike.


Harken, Vancouver
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Kibugu AB - Kenya (200g)
Frank & Jose Gomez - Colombia (2x100g)
Hugo Melo - Colombia (200g)
Nemba - Burundi (200g)