Cotton Poplin

Known for its softness, breathability and tactile nature, poplin cotton is a stable fabric for spring/summer seasons. What makes cotton poplin so soft, and lightweight is how tightly woven it is. The tight weave makes for a hard-wearing fabric that only gets better with time. Whilst it is perfect for all year round, poplin comes to its strength in the summertime. The beauty of poplin is that is completely evaporates moisture, making for an ideal warm-weather fabric. 

Check out our numerous poplin options below:

Cotton Poplin
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Carsten Print Short Sleeve - Oatmeal
Bakers Overshirt - Green Organic Fine Poplin
Non Binary Shirt - Blue and White Stripe
Flores Shirt - Flores Negra
Travail Typewriter Cotton Overshirt - Blue
Flores Shirt - Jacquard Eden