Villa Rosita: Lychee - Colombia (200g)


You can guess the complexity of the fermentation process that this coffee has gone through since the very first contact with it giving surpassing aromas of lemon, ginger and raw cane sugar. Those are translated to citric, fresh and very sweet flavors that persists in the mouth offering a long flavour of ginger tea and lemon.

Located in the municipality of Piendamó and approximately 2.5km away from the Pan-American highway is the Finca Villa Rosita. Every lot from the Finca Villa Rosita was processed differently. Situated 1930 masl Finca El Paraiso has all the latest coffee processing technology.

Diego Samuel Bermúdez was first hooked by the coffee culture 13 years ago, where he started his adventure with more enthusiasm then resources, but with a firm conviction of where he wanted to be. Today, he continues in his uncompromising dream to find an alternative in coffee to create new possibilities and new paths for processing, production, marketing, and (most importantly) making higher quality coffee more accessible.

This particular lot has a process called “Lychee”. As is typical with the varietal Castilla, it is aromatically delicate, however, above all the notes tasted in the cup are clearly lychee, passionfruit and tropical yogurt

So what is the Lychee process?

The first phase of anaerobic fermentation involves 48 hours in tanks with a pressure valve at 18 degrees celsius. After depulping, the second phase of anaerobic fermentation takes place over 96 hours at 19 degrees celsius. The coffee is then washed using thermal shock first at 40 and then washed again at 12 degrees celsius.

Following this, the coffee is dried in a controlled environment for 34 hours at 35 degree celsius and a relative humidity of 25% until the coffee reaches a moisture level of 11%. The drying is made with condensation, with recirculated air from a machine for drying, designed by the farm and name Eco-Enigma.

  • Altitude: 1700 masl
  • Origin: Piendamó - Colombia
  • Process: Lychee 
  • Variety: Castillo
  • Tasting Notes: Lychee, passionfruit and tropical yogurt.